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Why You Should Work With A Bulk Bag Consultant

Time limitations

The majority of bulk bags are made in either China. That can be a 12-hour time difference depending on where your production facility is in the world. This time gap can be a big hassle for businesses trying to lessen the communication barrier or get orders quickly. Bulk bag consultants can dedicate time to communicating and scheduling with overseas bulk bag manufacturers during the right business hours to make sure there aren’t long lags in communication.

Language barriers

A language barrier is difficult in all facets of life and in business, it creates a unique set of challenges. If you are not able to communicate with your supplier, you may not get your bags in a timely manner, or even get the right product at all. Any bulk bag consultant you work with should be able to effectively communicate with you and your manufacturer, regardless of where in the world the bags are made. Having a bulk bag consultant is like having a multilingual, bulk bag expert on your side.

Quality control

Quality control is a topic we hear often when people ask about foreign manufacturing. All purchasing managers want to make sure they get the right product, pay the right price and get it on time. Bulk bag consultants confirm your bags are the right size, strength and specifications compared to what you ordered. They also ensure your bulk bags are contamination free when shipped. Learn more about why quality control is so important in FIBC manufacturing here.

You’re looking to make a change

Let’s say you have no issue with the time differences or any language barrier. You should still work with a bulk bag consultant if you’ve never imported anything or if you’re interested in a new business relationship. A consultant can help you find a manufacturer that best fits your needs.

Bulk bag consultants specialize in finding suppliers that are reliable. If your bulk bags aren’t what you ordered or take too long to arrive, your production is negatively impacted. Lead times on bulk bags are typically three to four months long. Any hiccups along the way delay your delivery to at least a half of a year.

At Yundu, we want to get ahead of challenges before they turn into problems. We have our own employees in every factory we work in. They are local, bilingual and in constant communication with their state-side coworkers. It’s the best way we know how to make sure your delivery gets to you on time and as expected. If you have any questions about our process, let us know!