Zibo Yundu Plastic Products Co., Ltd.


Uzbekistan Customer Visit On 28th March

Today Mr. Shadi and Mr. Ali whom from Uzbekistan,visit our factory to see how we manufacture the Flexitank for oil package.

Our production directior Mr. Xue and sales director Ms. Ana entertained them.

First workshop is the PP wire drawing workshop. Mr. Shadi is interested in how the material turns into the white or colored thread for weaving. Our technical manager introduced the progress to him and highly commented by Mr. Shadi.

Next workshop is the PP woven fabric weaving machine. Normal PP woven fabric dimensions around 50cm to 400cm width.But it's not meeting the need of Flexitank outer layer. As everyone knows, the flexitank will full filled with liquid in container, and the container Heightby Width usually is 2.35*2.35 meters. From math we can comprehend that the fabric perimeter of the body should not less than 9.4 meters.

"There it is!"Mr XXX addressed his colleagues. They took lots of videos and pictures with the huge weaving machine.

After visiting PP woven fabric workshop, wetake our respected customers to the heat cutting workshop, pre-packageworkshop, and semi-product warehouse.

Flexitank is made by PP woven fabric with PE film like the picture attached. We take photos at the last workshop of most important part in Flexitank production.

In this workshop we showed our customer howwe gather the PE film and PP woven fabric, How we assemble the valve to Flexitank.Then we showed the accessories of Flexitankto our customers: Steel bars. Bulkhead. Corrugated paper. How we package them.

Mr. Shadi was pleased with our workshop and performance in production. Placed a 3 years order about 1,220,000$.